The project is led by Dr Orkun Akseli, Dr A Karim Aldohni, and Professor TT Arvind.

Dr. Orkun Akseli is Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law at Durham Law School. His research has focused on the law of secured transactions, with a particular emphasis on its role in the facilitation of credit for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).His recent research has brought together an analysis of data on the availability of different forms of credit with an analysis of the different types of legal forms and structures that alternative finance takes, and on how international legal standards on secured transactions might facilitate credit in the face of financial crisis.

Dr. A Karim Aldohni is Senior Lecturer at Newcastle Law School. His research focuses on financial regulation, corporate finance and consumer credit. His recent work has taken a ‘law in action’ approach, looking at high-cost credit from the perspective of the consumer, and bringing together empirical studies of the consumer experience of seeking credit with an analysis of the legal regulatory framework.

Professor TT Arvind is Professor of Law at Newcastle Law School.  His work has taken a historical perspective on credit availability, and the consequences of the disappearance of credit. He has looked at debt and the regulation of debt markets historically, with a particular focus on the relationship between social attitudes to credit and the legal framework surrounding credit, as well as the long-term impacts on communities of the disapparance of purchasing power in the course of a financial crisis.

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