The project

The Untold Stories of the Financial Crisis: The Challenge of Credit Availability is a collaborative project, jointly carried out between Durham Law School and Newcastle Law School.

The 2008 financial crisis has had a significant impact on the access of small businesses, individuals, and households to credit.  The nature of this impact, and the consequences it has had for those affected, have obvious importance for policy.  Nevertheless, they still remain largely unexplored. 

Against this background, our project seeks to create a network that will bring together academics, policymakers, and users of finance to explore the untold stories of the crisis, in terms of its impact on credit availability.  Our aim, through this network, is to formulate proposals will address practical and policy issues around financing small businesses, innovative credit and ethical finance, as well as resilience and sustainability in regional economies.

The project is currently funded by an ESRC Impact Acceleration Award. This website contains further details of the project, our aims, and our ongoing work.

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